Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cuties Update

David was shut out of the playroom when his brother closed the door! Poor guy...
Playing with the MANY toys!

Balloon!! Or as David says.."baba!"

Yummy munchies!

"look how cute I am!!"
What's new with my two??? They are CLIMBING MACHINES!!! Luckily we don't have any furniture that is high, so their climbing is limited. But I did have to lower their high chairs to the floor after David climbed to the top, with one foot on the arm rest and one knee on the top (of the back) of the chair. He also tries to climb onto the window sill from the chair. How many times have I had my heart thrust up into my throat, lungs empty of breath as I let these two explore??? They can't see the dangers that I can so they are fearless.
JD climbs too, on anything he can. I want a book shelf, badly, but I can see JD and David scaling it. To the top. And so I will wait until they are a little older, and more interested in climbing trees than furniture. There are indoor playgrounds with climbing walls, and soon I will take these two on an adventure there. I'm certain they will love it!!
David likes to be held alot, a not-so-new development that has increased in frequency. It's like he takes a break from playtime to come over and request a hug. So sweet, even if the frequency of it gets to me some times. JD likes to be held when he is tired, closer to bed time. When he is ready to sleep, that is when he likes the comfort of Mom's arms around him.
Yesterday I separated the sectional and placed a blanket over the opening, to create a tent. The boys loved it!! They crawled in, and I went to hide. David and JD would come looking for me, and once I was found I would chase them back into the tent. The boys were laughing and squealing the whole time, loving every minute of it. It was so much fun to get on the floor and play with my guys.
Today, David brought me the blanket and proceeded to the place where the sectional comes together, trying to push it apart. I guess I made my bed with that one!!!!!

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Sharon said...

They're growing so fast! My kids built and played in tents indoors for years. I bet your babies will too since you started them early like that :)