Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random thoughts of a Saturday

I couldn't sleep very well last mind just wouldn't turn off. Here are some random thoughts that kept me up and occupied my mind this morning too.

~will the snow ever melt? I know it's only January, but for the first time ever I am already turning my mind to spring. I'm ready for tulups, grass, birds and warm rain.

~is David's mean streak something I need to seriously worry about? Or will it pass? When told "no" or having something taken from him, he will hit himself. Recently he has started hitting others as well. I don't know how to deal with this...

~next week. Tests for a loved one and the results could be drastic. Do I have the strength to help others through a rough time? While dealing with my own heartache? Do I have what it takes? For that matter, what am I made of? No wait, that is a dangerous worry; one should never wonder what they are made of. There's only one way to find out.

~weight loss. I need to shape up!! Just quit whining about it already and DO SOMETHING about it! For me that is the hardest part. But with two active boys who will be running this summer, let's face it. I need to be able to run. Fast.

~Cultivating family relationships. I miss my family! I definately need to make more of an effort to see them.

~heat vents.....I wonder if there is a special adhesive for these covers. They are giving me an eye twitch!! Well, not the covers, the amount of times I have to replace them after the boys remove them. I place the cover over the vent, deeply hoping that an object hasn't been carefully stashed away down there in the minute the cover was off. I don't want to permanently fix them, for cleaning reasons, but any kind of tape is out. The boys peel it and eat it.

~nutrition. Please eat little babies, please eat!! I worry so much with this picky eating, dumping on the floor phase. Articles read that I'm not supposed to overcompensate with milk because they won't be hungry next mealtime. But HELLO!! Their little bellies need SOMETHING!!!! So does my sanity. I need to know they are not hungry. You know, there really SHOULD be a manual for motherhood!!!!

There are many more, which details I shall spare you, and the circle just keeps going round. For now, a hot shower and housework. Later, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - just reading your post and thought i'd add my two cents worth.. (wink) yes the snow will melt - but not for a while - it is only January!

Davids mean streak... this too shall pass - I remember taiya hitting herself sometimes... she grew out of it... but I never told her NO I used TA instead - then she wasn't saying it back!

Tests - we will each have strength when we need it most... and i am sure there will be a time for each of us to have our time of weakness... but then someone will be there when you need it too.

weight loss - i am with you - it's been 8 years and counting that i haven't lost any weight from having taiya - we just have to do it!

heat vents - I don't know about that one? maybe put some furnature over them? ours don't show except in the kitchen and they are about the same color as the floor so Taiya never noticed them...

nutrition - taiya is a picky eater too! but my doctor always told me when they are young don't look at the day to day but week by week - what they eat cause some days are better than others... she also told me to balance everything on a weekly basis too - so if taiya didnt' get her vegies on monday then try tuesday - she will eat them she will just choose the day.
also because they are more active this is where they thing discovering is more important than eating... taiya was also a grazer... she would eat throughout the day on chereos, fish crackers - not 3 large meals - which is actually better for you...
so no worries there....

hugs... shannon