Friday, January 13, 2012


     Tonight is... wait for it... DATE NIGHT!!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  It has been so long since my husband and I have had a night out just to ourselves.  With no family around we don't get out much, and we don't want to burden our buddies with constant babysitting so we tend to save those for weddings or work functions.  Therefore, our dates suffer. 
     Tonight, however, the boys are going for a sleep-over at a wonderful friend's house and thank goodness.  I'm due for some one-on-one time with Jonny!  We will do dinner and a movie, don't know which restaurant or which picture, and right now don't care!!  I'll think about that later.  I am just so happy to have a night out that I'm dancing around while I pack up the boys for their overnighter.  (Gee, will that send them a bad message?)  =)   
     Ohh I love my boys so much I could just squeeze them to bits, but mama needs some sane time with papa!  Conversation with a grown-up!  Not having to explain the 'why's' of everything!  Not having to get into a detailed explanation of how an airplane engine works (like I know!) or how trains can stay on the track while in a curve!! 
     Ahhhh, I can't wait.  Gonna get me some steak, or fajitas, some laughs with Jon, and get lost in a movie.  LOve it!!

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