Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring So Soon

   Oh man, spring is in the air!!  Okay, maybe it is a tad early to be thinking about spring but I can't help it.  This mild winter of ours leaves me with the impression spring is just around the corner, awaiting a signal to appear. 
    I have flowers on the brain!  This year I have plans to actually plant flowers in my flower bed, instead of taking the easy way out and letting my sons use it as a sandbox.  Oh how I love flowers!  Time for some research, since I know virtually nothing about growing blooms.

 Normally at this time of year we are still in the icy grip of winter.  Not even Valentine's Day yet and I can't stop thinking of sweet new grass, dew, tulips and warmth from the sun.  I love this!  Who doesn't, right?  Maybe boarders, skiers, and snowmobilers, I guess.

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