Monday, January 23, 2012

On The Sled

     Oh man, the past few days I have been feeling so melancholy.  Just a bunch of things getting me down; missing family, winter projects weighing on me, etc.  Today after picking up the boys I decided to take a break from all the "i wish"es and the "if only"s that have been dragging me down and just HAVE FUN. 
     We went sledding.  It was SOOOO fun!  I mean, it was incredibly fun.  I was able to just shed every bit of negativity and fly down the hill weightless, full of wonder and love for my boys, and enjoy the moment of having them with me.  No fighting, no worries, just smiles and crazy laughter together with my sons. 
      It was perfect weather for it too; not too cold and a gorgeous sun shining, blue sky, birds singing, and red cheeks and noses.  We had the hill all to ourselves (the bigger kids were still in school) and even though traffic sped by on the other side of the small ravine, it felt as if we were the only ones on earth.  Just me and my guys.  And oh, how I love those little guys!
      After an hour of bliss I had to call an end and we trudged back home.  It was with a much lighter heart, though, that I walked through our door.  Pretty amazing what an hour of sledding can do!

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