Friday, January 20, 2012

Very Late Christmas Update :)

I know Christmas is a memory in the past now, being as how January is almost over... but I haven't put up any Christmas pictures yet anywhere.  Here is one of my favorites, Grandpa Ron Surry with the three cousins on his lap. 
    This year we drove to BC to spend Christmas with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Terry, and the boys were lucky to see their cousin Prestin for a few hours on Christmas Eve day. 
    We had a great Christmas!  They had snow there, unlike at home, and with the mountains and daily walks with the dogs to the river it was very magical.  On Christmas Eve we sang Christmas carols with Grandpa Ron on the guitar (sadly there wasn't a piano handy, or I would've played along) and afterward the boys dropped reindeer food outside on the snow (oatmeal with sparkles). 

      The reindeer food must have worked because in the morning the stockings were full and Santa had eaten most of his cookies :) It was a wonderful Christmas and I enjoyed seeing loved ones and sharing in the Christmas spirit.

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