Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys...?

Today this handsome boy brought his dresser down, with him under it. Luckily I am faster than I look and raced up the stairs in record time. He didn't get hurt, though I'm sure he was pretty scared. Scared enough to stop climbing on his dresser? We will see. My thoughts are....probably not. The ironic thing is I had just finished reorganizing their furniture to (hopefully) make it safer in their room. Not even 5 minutes later...

The other day they managed to work the pin (or bolt, whatever it is) out of their lowest door hinge. Today they (no doubt both boys were involved, even though JD was the only one 'caught' in the act) drop their drawers, so to speak... what will it be next time? Should I be scared? I say, Bring It On Boys!! Mom always wins. I woke up today deciding to leave the defeated attitude alone. And by golly, I will!

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Michelle said...

I laughed at your description of the events! With a postive attitude like yours, those boys will never defeat you! And just think...the tough stuff is now. When they are teenagers, you will be thinking how lucky you are that they aren't girls!