Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love and Prayers

David in a squeeze with Grandma Cindy, one year ago. Easter was in March last year, and our family took a trip with Grandma Cindy to visit Great-Grandma Wilma in Oklahoma City.

JD just laying around. A year ago these two were still babies! Now they are little boys, tearing up the place. :)
I wanted to put these pictures up because last Easter was a great trip, a wonderful time I will hold in my memory forever. I have been thinking about my mother-in-law and all the wonderful memories we have with her. The other day we found out she has a tough battle ahead of her with cancer. I am having a hard time writing about this; I have read other blogs that openly report sickness and plead for prayers.... I just can't help but feel that posting on this would be a breach of privacy. Another reason I have hesitated (and still hesitate) writing on this is because it sort of feels like once I get it out there, it would mean there is no hope. That I have given up hope. But I assure you, I haven't. There have been many advances in medicine over the years and we have not given up.
Our trip last year was great, and I pray that we have many, many more wonderful times with Grandma Cindy.

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SongbirdMama said...

You are very lucky to have such a great relationship with your mother in law, Karen. I'm sorry to hear about her illness; cancer took my father in law 10 years ago (he was only 52). Just be encouraging and help her stay positive. I am firmly convinced that people decide a lot of their own fate by the attitude they take when faced with obsticals. Your family is in my prayers.