Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real Life

The past few days have been...interesting, I guess you could say. That is putting a positive spin on it, the days have been long and stressful. The kind of day that leaves you feeling completely inadequate, clueless, and unsure if you even have the will to carry on..... does this ring any bells, women of the world? I say women instead of mothers because I don't want to imply that only mothers have rough days. Everyone has days now and then that cut them off at the knees, bringing them down to the very edge of their sanity.

The last few days haven't been quite THAT bad, but near it. The boys test and test me; they test me to the point of breaking. Just when I feel I might shatter into a million pieces, they do something cute or funny and I laugh my head off, hugging them to bits. That is the thing about children, they have the ability to revive us in an instant. Which is a pretty great ability, after they have taken everything I have to give! :)

Even with this said, I must also say how exciting these days are. It is so amazing to watch my babies develop their personalities and preferences. I still, as I have said before, find it fascinating to watch them interact. Sometimes they share, sometimes whatever possession they currently have is of too high a value to give away. When they want to wear their shoes, often one will bring the others' shoes to him. I find them so often giving and considerate of eachother, and equally as often I find them bickering and possessive. I love to watch them together and learn with them. And when they have pushed me to my limits, and then beyond to outer limits I wasn't even aware I had, they come to me for a snuggle and I remember how rewarding this job is. Nothing ventured, nothing gained; nothing worthwhile ever came easy, and all that..... I'm living it. Living and loving it. :)

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