Friday, March 13, 2009

Weight Update

The boys had an appointment today, just a checkup with the doctor. They are doing really well, the doc said we have two very healthy boys. JD weighs 30 lbs, 10 oz., and David weighs 25 lbs, 12 oz. These two have always had a five pound difference, enough for people to comment when they stop us. "They're twins? But one is bigger than the other!!"

David has a thing about elevators. He cries every time we are in one! On the ride up (and then down) to the Dr. office, he cried and cried. I'm not sure what it is; perhaps the confined space, or maybe the movement. Or both.

Today the boys tried mango for the first time. David liked it; he ate piece after piece. JD ate a few pieces, but I think he could take it or leave it. They also had celery for the first time (raw, not chopped and cooked). It was interesting... David liked it, he chewed it up. JD tried it, but didn't like the hardness of it (or maybe saw how long David had to chew it) and decided to ditch the celery.

I am on my second assignment for my course, and liking it ALOT!! I love writing and this course is great. It teaches not only researching pieces, plotting stories, etc., but also how to approach editors and publishers, how to sell the work.

The boys are hanging out with Dad, now that he is on days off. They love having him around! Of course I still can't wait for spring (today was so warm!) when the whole family can go on outings to the park, zoo, etc.

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Peggy said...

Faith is freaked out about elevators too:)
Glad to hear your boys are healthy and happy!
Oh - I think you asked me if I take mine to the mall without a stroller and the answer is NO WAY! LOL When I am by myself I use strollers or double shopping carts only:)