Sunday, March 8, 2009

More of My Sweet Life

These are more pictures from the other day.

David is trying hard to grab the camera!

These two were walking toward me and I was trying to coax a smile from JD before they got too close. Finally I had to snap the picture with no smile, because they were almost on me (I am actually backed into a corner). It was all very Children of the Corn.
The boys and I are sick! It's all sore throats, coughs, sneezes and chills with us. Today is worse than yesterday, which leads me to be hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today. While I want nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep this off, David and JD are the same boys as always. They just have a level or two less of usual energy, which is still about a hundred levels more than my current energy.
My sweeties are really into books now, specifically being read to, and request the same books over and over and over. I am going slowly crazy! I can't read these books anymore! I am tempted to put them up on a high shelf when the boys aren't looking, just to give myself a break. Not for good....only for the afternoon! I really love that they enjoy reading. It feels wonderful to have that closeness while they sit on my lap as I read. I just hold them, smell their hair and kiss their heads (and of course, read). It really recharges me for when they yet AGAIN pull all the frying pans and cookie sheets out of the bottom drawer of the oven. Or when they decide to evacuate every one of my glass mixing bowls out of the cupboard and onto the floor, producing a racket that would annoy a saint.
It also recharges me for when it's time to put the boys to bed. JD and David are starting to really protest bedtime. I didn't realize how many ways there are for a toddler to twist and contort their body, all in the name of getting out of diaper change/pj time. They are escape artists! I try hard to see the funny side of it all, the cute side, and not get taken over by my temper. It's like their icing on the cake; at the end of a busy, crazy day, their last hurrah is to drain every drop of any remaining energy in Mom.
But I love it all.


Binoy Mathew said...

oh so cuty, doll like kids.....

Peggy said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! We are all finally over the colds and or flu bug. WHEW! Our toddlers twist and turn and fight getting a diaper change too. UGH! When you finally get that one diaper on... you have ANOTHER toddler to fight. LOL!