Monday, March 2, 2009


Hug hug!! I love it when they hug eachother and snuggle alittle. When they were tiny, they used to hold hands.

More hugs...

David with a smile for the camera, as usual.

JD managed to wrangle the broom away from his brother and now is getting set to sweep.

My constant companion, my shadow, the means by which I trip more times than I can count, my dog, DIESEL!!! I love you Diesel!
Finally uploaded more pictures. Actually I haven't taken as many lately.... bad mama! I'll have to keep up with them. Today I picked up some more scrapbooking stuff that was on sale, so I will have to make use of it!
We've been busy having fun the past few days. Daddy is home on days off, which are ALWAYS more fun!!!! David and JD love to play with Dad, and usually ask for him first thing in the morning. :D

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