Monday, October 6, 2008

A day in the life..

My Little David...2 weeks old and 1 yr old

My baby JD at 2 weeks and 1 yr
I alway post about my boys and how they've changed over the year. It's because I am in such shock!! I remember what it felt like to snuggle both tiny babies at once and just being so in love with them. I cannot believe how wonderful they are and how big they are getting! I'm sure it's only days away from their first unassisted steps... and I don't know if I'm ready, but it will happen whether I am ready or not. They have grown so much!! So fast!! I find myself wondering what they will be like, how their personalities will develop, and just how it will be once they can talk and walk.
We have new neighbors beside us; there are two little boys, 3 & almost 2, and I get dizzy watching them. The oldest talks nonstop, and it's hilarious! I can't even imagine my boys talking nonstop, or running around everywhere!! I still remember the pre-crawling days, when they just sat there. How things change. These two are amazing little guys and constantly suprise me with all they know. I used to keep thinking.."oh the next step will be so much easier..." It would be easier if they could hold their own bottles, it would be easier if they could crawl... well those days are gone. I know it won't be easier when they can walk and talk!! Actually, I am pretty scared. How will I keep track of them while shopping? They won't be content to sit in the cart like they are now. How will I stop them from saying alarming things in front of/to strangers at Walmart?? They are sponges and absorb everything. I just know they will say something experienced mothers know all about it...when they say something really loud that causes you to turn beet red and want to hide amongst the clothes rack, or stand back and ask "where is this child's mother?" . I used to tell myself "I won't be embarrassed of my kids..." "My kids will be well behaved in public places because I'll teach them to be that way.."
Well now I am pretty sure I was naive in thinking those things. More than naive, ridiculous!! I always have been a dreamer.
Folks, very VERY soon my guys will be walking and talking and I am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!!!! How on earth do you do it? Any tips? I feel like it's been a cake walk until now, and I fear the days to come!


SongbirdMama said...

LOL, you'll come to realize that no matter how well you teach them, it is inevitable that things will come out of their mouths that just leave you in the day we were discussing the man in the moon and were talking about his how we could see his facial features and Andrew piped up that he could see the mans penis (he was about 3), or the time that Randall asked the first black man he saw why he was black. It just happens. And you have to laugh. LOL.

chantal said... are seriously going to love the years to come!! Don't worry. They WILL say embarrassing things,they WILL act like hooligans sometimes but that os where the funny memories come from!! My son asked me in public one time "why are you being nice to me NOW,mommy!?". He had gotten in trouble for something earlier,but the strangers around me didnt know that! Or "remember when you punched me??" Never never would I punch my kid. It was a spanking they were referring to. And of course it was said in public. My daughter when she was 3 liked to take a backpack to daycare ..she like to "pack" it herself ..and on one occasion opened it for her teacher to reveal MY underwear and a bunch of potatoes!! And another time said to her teacher "my mom farts at home". Oh, and the best is when she flew from my parents house to here in north carolina by herself a couple years ago. The flight attendant who was travelling with her and in charge of her had to call me because she actually got detained for telling the border patrol officer that she was being sent to live with a new family!!! Now that was a mess. She didnt understand that border patrol officers dont play games of make believe.

Holly said...

hahaha. You will also enjoy when they are walking and talking. Nothing is better than when you child walks up to you and gives you a hug and for the first time to you say they love you. Just wait until they are even older and you are the worst mom in the world and they say that they hate you, now that is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Chantel - those moments are priceless!!! LOL

Karen - like the girls said - it happens - you can't stop it, nothing you can do but "roll with the punches" - You'll even embarass yourself with them around.
I said to Taiya once - who was misbehaving in the mall - "Stop now or your going to get a royal spanking!" and a lady came up to me a few minutes later and said "What's a ROYAL SPAKING?" - to my surprise I looked at her and said - "I don't know - I've never given her one!" then she walked away!
So - don't be scared, enjoy, laugh - just make sure they can't see it!