Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today I went to the mom & tot playgroup! Okay, so I kind of cheated and went with my neighbor, but still...I left my comfort zone and actually initiated conversation with other moms. I can see myself becoming friends with a couple of the mothers because I opened my mouth and left my shy side at home. It was great! I had fun, was able to get out of the house for a few hours, and the boys were around alot of other kids. David and JD kept to themselves for the most part...which tells me I really need to do this more and on a regular basis. They did interact with other children at times though and it was so sweet to see! JD at one point was completely taken with this one boy; I don't know what it was that interested him but he stayed with this tot for a few minutes. At first it was just staring, then he put his little arms around for a hug; I started to get worried when JD began patting the boys head...gentle at first, then harder. Finally I broke it up when JD put his hands on the little guys shoulders and started shaking him! Now should this worry me? I have no idea. But if I get out and socialize the boys then they will learn how to behave around other kids. There were about...oh maybe 15 kids there, maybe 20. It was loud! David started to cry when a few of the kids were running around screaming. Poor baby! He cries at loud noises, and with the kids zipping around him he must have been so overwhelmed! He will get used to it though. I am confident that after a few more visits to the playgroup my boys will start to enjoy it and want to go every week.
Now I feel great; I feel like Superwoman! A feeling of accomplishment, like I overcame obsticles and did what was best for my boys, not what was easiest for me. Now I can take on ANYTHING!!


SongbirdMama said...

I am so proud of you. Way to go. And yes, it is perfectly normal for children to be physical with eachother. They don't not just need to guide them on what is or isn't okay. And you are in a bit of a different position having twins. They will naturally keep to themselves because as far as they know, they are eachothers best and only playmates. You're right -- they'll learn to branch out the more you do it.....and so will you. Good job!!!

Holly said...

Thats great Karen. You are right soon your boys will be loving it adn running and screaming with the rest of them. Hitting adn shaking other kids is normal and JD was just experimenting. It is good you were keeping an eye on him though, because some moms do not like having their kids go through that.

Anonymous said...

Sound like you had a great Day - proud of you!