Saturday, October 18, 2008

Terrorizing Leons

Yesterday we checked out a couple of furniture stores. It was a tiring escapade to the Brick; we didn't grab a cart and were carrying the boys around the store! These two get HEAVY after about 5 minutes, and we were there for about 45. As we drove to Leons, we both said "lets get a cart this time!!".
Walking into the store we didn't see carts, but we found a better solution waiting for us. They have these things that I can only describe as a tiny wheelbarrow; a large handle like a wheelbarrow and the 'bucket' part is a little seat for a toddler! The strangest thing I have ever seen as far as strollers go. We snagged two and put the boys in. They LOVED it!! We didn't make it 10 steps before the first loud ~ and I mean LOUD ~ squeal erupted! In such a massive cavernous building, the echoes were embarrassing. David and JD laughed, hooted and hollered, and jabbered back and forth. They were L*O*U*D !!!
Part of me was thrilled at the blatant joy my boys were expressing, and the other part of me wanted to hide amongst the sofas. Actually, it was quite hilarious and my husband and I occassionally found ourselves racing to make the boys squeal louder! Most of the time, though, we apologized to the few patrons and staff for the incredibly audible chatter between our little men.
It was so much fun though; and I loved that my boys enjoyed themselves that much during what would otherwise be a dreadfully dull experience for them. When we return to purchase things for our home, I know we will have tons of fun! Though the staff might dread our return, I look forward to it. I will bring the camera too!

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chantal said...

hey at least it was squeals of joy and not public temper tantrums!!!