Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The past 5 days have been interesting for us...and I thought I would share some of the happenings with all of you bloggers out there.
On Saturday our boys each took their first unassisted steps! Such an amazing sight to see; the hesitant first steps accompanied by the excited smile on their faces... not much can top that. We've been working with them ever since to branch out more than a few steps and will keep working at it. They love to walk and it won't be long until they get the hang of it.
Sunday found me cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our little family. Since we usually visit relatives for holidays, I don't have much practice at cooking the full meal on my own. This time around everything actually worked out (miracle), even the turkey gravy. It was awesome!! Only one thing didn't turn out - the Yorkshire puddings. But as they were still edible, I count the whole meal as a success. We had a turkey breast & thigh roast, potatoes & gravy, cauliflower & cheese sauce, mixed vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and 2 kinds of pie - lemon and chocolate mousse. I realize I have written more content on this dinner than on my boys' first steps, but this was quite a feat for me and I am proud of the meal I was able to give my husband. (He comes from a family of cooks - the food they serve is always amazing)
On Tuesday we saw 3 more houses, making the total of homes we have viewed 8. We found one! Tuesday was a very tense day with placing an offer, counter-offers, negotiations and all of that exciting stuff. At the end of the day, we had signed papers stating that subject to financing and an inspection, the house would be ours on Nov. 21st. Hurray!!!! It is a beautiful 2 storey home and my husband and I love it. We finally have some roots, a home of our own. The feeling is incredible!! One I won't forget ever.
Today I find myself drained of emotional energy after such an exhilerating few days; I have much to do now, and am simply sitting back, soaking it all in, and preparing myself for the next step : packing and moving with toddler twins and a dog underfoot!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Yeah! Congrats on the house! That's fantastic! And perfect timing! Your boys are going to need tons of room now they have started to walk! Good luck in the move! And I want to see pictures of the house!

Holly said...

Very awesome about your boys first steps!! Each mile stone is so exciting I find.
Congrats on your turkey dinner being a great big success!!!!
And hurray for you guys finally finding a home to call your own. That is so so exciting!!!!!

chantal said...

I still can't do a turkey dinner without ruining something!! Hehe... now that your boys are walking your in TROUBLE!!!!! But it will be so much fun!