Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today I packed up the boys and set off for a shopping trip at Safeway. For an hour before leaving the boys cried nonstop!! I don't know if they were tired, feeling yucky, or just didn't feel like facing the women today. Yup, my little men are woman magnets!! Usually older women, but women just the same. When the boys were tiny infants, we would get stopped about 10 - 15 times in one store by people. There were inquisitive types, who asked a million questions about twins. There were also comment droppers, who tell us everything from "I hope you realize how lucky you are to have twins," to "two for the price of one, hey?" (to which I reply "nope, it's definately the price of two") .

Now that the boys are older, it's the sweet old ladies that stop us and coo and talk to the boys. They are a mix of the inquisitives and the droppers, and all tell me what beautiful boys these two are. Today the majority comment was "my goodness your boys are patient shoppers!!" I, myself, was suprised at how calm and happy they were. When these ladies told me that I would think 'you should have seen them BEFORE the trip!'

It's funny how babies attract attention, and the ladies love my little men!

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