Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Surry Boys

My sweeties 9/19/08



Life is sure interesting since these two came along. They are characters, both of them. Now, at nearly 14 months, they intrigue me even more. The differences in each and the little things that make them who they are seem to be developing more each day.

David is my little drama king. If I take something away or don't give him his snack fast enough, he becomes a puddle of jelly and slips to the floor. Next comes the fake cry and the fish out of water routine; he flops and throws himself around, letting everyone in the vicinity know just how unfair the world really is. He never stops suprising me...during play I occasionally find him sitting in his little rocking chair, reading a book. That is a joy to me, as he is a go-go-go, rough and tumble, climbing on anything-and-everything type of boy.

JD has started to show a new side to his character...he gets embarrassed. If he copies something or completes a difficult task and we praise him a little too much, he will turn his face away (usually laying his head on the floor). I'm not sure why, but this makes me sad. While I don't want arrogant boys, I sure don't want him to belittle his accomplishments. I don't want him to be embarrassed at praise. I often find him quietly working on things, not wanting to draw attention to himself. An example of this is reading; much like his brother, I will occassionally find JD pretending to read a book. If I bring attention to this in any way and tell him what a good job he is doing, he will stop. And get bashful. As we go along growing and learning together I will have to find a way to uplift him and encourage him without embarrassing him.

I am fascinated with similarities. Because I am adopted I didn't have many similarities in looks or personality with my parents. But I see things in my boys that clearly come from my husband and I, and it thrills me!! Examples of this... David looks like my hubby. His skin tone, eyebrows and hair are all Jon!! JD looks like me, I see my skin tone and my hair in him. (I had white-blonde hair for the first 7 yrs or so of my life). JD has a goofy sense of humor like his daddy, and he loves to be amused. Getting embarrassed at praise--that's Jon too. David has the skills like Jon, good at anything he tries and climbs all over the place. David gets his dramatics from me; I am guilty of that overdramatic role. JD gets frustrated when he tries things and fails the first few times...that's me in a heartbeat.

While I know they are individuals I see these traits that clearly hail from us, and it gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. They are my boys!!!


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Awwwww, Karen. Your little men are adorable. You are truly blessed.

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aww I just love seeing new pictures of your precious boys. They're so sweet :)