Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, we are here. Home. I love this place so much!!! What a busy few days we have had. Still unpacking and very favorite part! It's so much fun.

Friday afternoon we met our real estate agent at the house and he handed me my key! It felt so wonderful to turn the lock to my new home. We walked in....and WOW I had built the place up in my mind. Thinking about this house over the past few weeks has had the gossip effect; it kept getting bigger. Don't get me wrong; I love the house and it is the perfect size for us. Just funny how small it seemed at that moment.

We then rushed to pick up the UHAUL and load our stuff. With the boys at a friends house, we wanted to hurry. It took us about 4 hours to load all of the big stuff and most of the small stuff; BOY WAS I SORE!!!!!! But we weren't done! We drove to the new place and I took our car to pick up the boys. Then came the unloading....coming up to bedtime for the twins and where were the cribs?? In the front of the truck; we had to unpack nearly everything before we could reach them. YIKES!!! Not smart. With babies crying in the background, in a strange home and scared, we put the cribs together and managed to get them to bed. Thank goodness they were so tired they fell right to sleep! Back to the truck for us weary parents; we still had tons to unload.

Finally, with thoughts of a hot bath in my new tub, I helped my hubby unload the last heavy item. Thank goodness! Done!!! Now time to relax right? That's what I I took our pillows upstairs. On the way down, my slippery socks took my feet out from under me and I slid down the stairs, my feet smashing into some boxes stacked on the landing. OOOOOOUCHHHH!!!!!! @&*@&$)(@*&@!!!!!!!!
I yelled, then whimpered, and my husband (who was running out the door for takeout) came around the corner and asked if I was ok. I told him what happened and said my foot hurt....then took off my sock and SICK!! My middle toe on my right foot was totally crooked. My heart just sank....thoughts of a hot bath and sleeping babies drifted up and away from me; instead it was a trip to emergency in the local health center.

Four hours later, I was able to join my husband and boys in the car and head for home. David slept in the car the whole time I was told, and JD woke several times but each time was soothed back to sleep by a ride around the block. So, at 5 AM, we finally made it to bed. With a painful toe buddy-taped to the next one.
The next night...I had a hot bath in my new tub. Other than my gimp walk and hurting foot, has been a pretty great experience.
Pictures will come!!!


SongbirdMama said...

Ah Karen....sorry to hear about your soreness. But so happy for you guys. Enjoy it.

Michelle said...

Glad to know you are in your home! What an exciting thing! That's too bad about your toe, but I think a few years from now, or even in a couple of months you will look back and laugh about how the house said "hello and welcome" to you. I cannot wait to see pictures of the house!

Sharon said...

Oh bless your heart and your big toe, I'm so sorry you got hurt like that. I am happy though for your entire family finding the perfect home to nest in. Congratulations! (and Get well soon!)

chantal said...

oh wow, what a day! Sorry about your day you will look back and laugh!