Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is everyone?????

Things have changed in the new house. The computer is no longer in the same room as the kids' toys, which means I don't get to play around on it while keeping an eye on my guys!! I may or may not be going through withdrawls, haven't decided yet. I miss reading the great blogs I have become entranced with, and now have to cram it all in a short sitting during naptime. But that doesn't lessen the magic of them!!

As for my grand goals of befriending every neighbor on the block...I never see any! Strange; it seems as though we are the only ones living in this area, surrounded by empty houses. I notice cars have left or arrived, I hear the happy sounds of children at play but never see anyone. Even though this sounds as if I am peeking out of my curtains stalking neighbors, I promise that is not the case. I have to take my dog out several times a day, since we have no fence.
Where is everyone? I guess in this day and age there are no casseroles to be brought, no "welcome to the neighborhood" to extend. I remember growing up the countless casseroles my mother made, accompanying visits to newcomers, or anyone in need. Not that I expected people to bring us stuff; but I secretly hoped they would stop by so I could make some friends. I just know someone is thinking as they read this, "well why doesn't SHE drop by the neighbors?" . A very good question indeed, my friends. Why don't I? I have no answer other than YIKES!!! That is a much more forward action than I can take.... right now. Maybe after I have seen someone in their yard and could extend a hello first. After the initial greeting, I would feel much more relaxed about ringing a doorbell out of the blue.

But I would have to actually SEE someone outside first.

Possible reason for noone stopping by : a very large, very scary dog seems to bark the daylights out of himself whenever he sees anyone. Or anything. This belies the kind, gentle soul Diesel has; he would never hurt a fly or a person, maybe a cat but that's a given. Cats are his nemesis. He loves people though!! Sure his hello is a tad bit freaky, a little run-for-your-life-he-will-eat-you..... but really he is full of love and affection.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if no one comes over to say hello; I will get them. Someday I will HAVE to see someone outside, and that is when I will make my move. I'm not looking for lifelong friends here, although who ever has enough?


SongbirdMama said...

You'll find your flow, honey. You have to remember the time of year it is too. I know it's not an excuse, but people are hella busy this time of year. (My brother Jon has a dog named Diesel too LOL)

Michelle said...

I am pretty sure your mom brought us a casserole when we moved in! Good luck meeting the neighbours! I have found that dogs are a great way to meet the neighbours. Try walking your dog around the neighbourhood all day're bound to run into someone sooner or later! Is there a school bus stop on your street? If so, you could plan on being on a walk when the bus comes...Just a thought.

Leslie Haverstock said...

Took almost 8 years..but here we are sistah!