Monday, November 3, 2008

Into November

I have never really liked November. Except for my moms birthday, November holds no attraction for me. Halloween is over, and it's still a long way till Christmas. Add the snow to that, and you have a major boring month. November is second only to January. Can't stand January.

This year is different though; we don't have snow yet, which is fantastic. I can still take the boys for walks and not have to trudge through a foot of snow! Also the moving; that adds quite a bit of excitement to an otherwise dull month. I already have Christmas on the brain; thinking about decorations and humming carols, I look forward to this coming Christmas season. Now that we are older Christmas does seem to come faster. Time rolls right by and if you blink, you will for sure miss something.

Thinking of Christmas has me inevitably thinking of the new year. This will be a big year, I can feel it. With the boys no longer infants, this coming year will be exciting and fun. I have the biggest list of intentions for them over the coming winter, following spring and summer. I sincerely hope that they don't go the usual way of good intentions and slip by.

Yes, this is a good November. Last year at this time I was getting next to NO sleep, up every 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours all night to feed the babies and feeling shut in by the snow. At least I think we had snow; I didn't get into the real world much. But that is all in the past... the boys are bigger and much more energetic; we will have a ton of fun. This winter we will start crafts!! I am so excited. I'm sure they will like the finger painting, coloring, glueing and decorating. Along with the crafts we will have some major tent-building, hide-and-seek playing, cookie-baking fun. I can't wait to get started! Just as soon as we get settled in the house.

Now that we are into November, it's really not that bad. We'll see about January!

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