Friday, November 7, 2008

My Husband Rocks! -Friday

I couldn't focus this week on just one reason my husband rocks, because I missed the past 2 fridays! So I will list a few things about him I think are simply wonderful.

~he always, ALWAYS lets me cry and rant when I need to, gives me the appropriate amount of humor to lighten my mood, then calmly reasons with me and helps me to understand whatever situation is at the base of my emotion. When we are finished, I feel usually 100% better and see a bigger picture than the narrow filtered one I previously envisioned.

~there is a tenderness about him. He hides it, and for some reason I love that he hides it; I see it though in his dealings with me, the boys, and the occasional underdog that crosses his path.

~when I am frustrated, and I don't mean the usual frustrations...when I am extremely frustrated to the point I can't continue the task or function I am attempting to perform...he will take over. He knows when I am getting in my own way or when it is something real that I need to step back from; if it is the former he lets me figure it out. If it happens to be the latter, he takes my place and does it for me. I love him for it!!! It brings tears to my eyes the intuition, compassion and love that it takes to do that.

There are so many reasons why my husband rocks. Of course our marriage is real, and some days it's harder to remember those reasons; but usually the inconsequential things don't matter. The socks on the floor. The toilet seat. Well, he can't leave his socks on the floor, the dog will inevitably take them and shred them, and do it quietly and quickly. The toilet seat? Well, I figure women can put it down just as easily as men could put it up. I am blessed to have a wonderful, good man who gives me lots of reasons why he is great.


Katie said...

It sounds like he completes you perfectly! What a guy!

Katy Lin :) said...

great reasons! i love that you mentioned the "reality" of your marriage. i think i need to do a post on this, too bc i never meant for this to become a "let's hide all of our problems" meme, i just think that what we choose to focus on will determine our attitude - see i almost have enough for a whole post in this comment, lol! :) hope you guys have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

This is a great post, I always seem to miss my husband rocks Friday. It's always nice to hear the word "real" when people talk about their families :) You have the most adorable little babies :) I miss those days. I had one that was a climber too. I woke up one morning to a strange sound coming from the kitchen and found him on top of the refrigerator at 3 years old :)