Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Fear

This post is dedicated to my little monkey. He climbs on anything and everything! There is no fear in this little boy. My sweet David.
I am told when my hubby was young he was a great tree climber, and climbed on everything in sight too. I remember myself climbing on trees and fences, not to mention the jungle gym. Basically, normal kids. David is almost 14 months, and already I see in him the climber.
I can't count the number of times Dave has needed help getting off furniture, or released from some tight place he has wedged himself into. I know, I just KNOW in the core of me he will be trouble. David will be the source of many calls from school, plunging me into panic mode as I am told he has broken a leg, arm, or collar bone. Twisted ankle. Broken nose. Take your pick.
On the up side, I love his fearlessness. I love that there are no boundaries he lets hold him back. There are safety issues of course, and obedience issues; however I can't help but think that freedom from fear will benefit him in the most amazing ways in life. He won't let walls keep him from achieving his dreams. He won't let obsticles get in his way. There is no "I can't" with David right now. (except with WALKING!!! hahaha)
I sincerely hope as he grows and learns, that curiosity and weightlessness will grow with him. That he will learn limits for safety, be smart about the consequences of his actions, but not let himself get bogged down by the world. I hope he will keep exploring, keep climbing, and keep that ease in doing so. As he breaks barriers and surpasses limits, I wish the most wonderful and incredible experiences in life for him. The kind we take with us forever, no matter where life leads us.

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Michelle said...

Good thing you live in Canada where you have free health care!