Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday was a great day. We had some family there... Grandpa and Grandma Haynes were there, Grandpa and Grandma Surry, and Grandma Cindy. Also Uncle Robert, and a couple of friends too.

I booked a room at our rec center, Provident Place, that had playhouses and mats for the kids to play on. I made the boys' cakes, my first attempt at theme cakes!! Jon wanted a football cake for JD and a hockey cake for David. (David's is a hockey net, with an oreo puck inside)
The boys had a lot of fun playing with all the toys, visiting with family and friends, and opening presents.

After the party at Provident Place, we came back home for a barbecue. The little guys had a blast playing with all their new toys, and even got to stay up late!! JD was somewhat hyper from the cake icing, but actually went to bed pretty easy. Grandpa & Grandma Haynes & Uncle Rob left after the party, and Grandpa & Grandma Surry left after the barbecue, but Grandma Cindy is still here with us.

I can't believe the boys are a year old already!! I also can't believe the birthday is over; it seems I waited a long time to be able to plan my kids party and make their cakes. Now I can relax!!

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