Monday, September 8, 2008

In with the New...

The boys seem to change every day. Some changes are so subtle that it doesn't appear as though they've changed, while other changes are more abrupt and sudden. JD has had some sudden changes that are curious to me. One of them being his apparent desire to be shirtless. He will just start taking off his shirt, and he gets upset if I put his arms back through the sleeves. I don't really know where this came from; I know it can be common in kids once they learn how to dress themselves...but at 11 & 1/2 months??? The other night he took his pajama shirt off. Daddy noticed when he went in to kiss the boys goodnight. The other change I noticed is that he will just start laughing a fake laugh. I can't imagine why, maybe to get a group snicker going? He will look at me and begin laughing this exaggerated HAHAHA. I don't know how to take it so I just mirror his fake laugh, and we usually end up laughing together for real.
David has definately developed more of his unique personality; his changes are more subtle and can be frustrating. He is already practicing the art of throwing a good temper tantrum. If I am eating and I don't share with him constantly, he throws a FIT!!!! He has masterfully developed this loud wail and has slowly perfected it over the last few months, another subtle change. That particular noise is used if I don't rescue him from his crib jail fast enough for his liking. The only sudden change I have discovered in him as of late is his climbing skill; he can now climb on furniture. I have to watch him closely...he is wary and keeps a low center of gravity to prevent an accidental fall, but his dismount is backwards..he goes head first. Instead of sliding off the chair, he will try to crawl down it head first. A few times I have caught him seconds before he smacks his head on the floor!
I have tried to define their characters with these new developments and it's still pretty hard. JD is a laid back, easy going guy who likes to be a jokester. He likes to engage us in whatever game he is playing, and loves to be amused. He is very caring and a protector of his brother. David is more demanding, especially if he is tired. He can play contentedly on his own, but he also initiates contact with us and likes attention. David is also somewhat of a trickster; he thinks certain deviant acts are funny and tries to get away with them using a collection of ultra-cute facial expressions. Both boys have many similarities and also very distinct characteristics of their own. I have so much fun watching them grow and change! They are hilarious and make things very interesting for me. I think my favorite trait they both share is pushing the limits. They constantly try new things to test their capabilities, and don't let obsticles run them down. You go boys!!

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