Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daddy Rules

While the boys and I have a lot of fun together, they love it when Daddy is home! When he gets home from work, the boys have one focus: Dad. They crawl over to him, say hello, then have Playing at the top of their agenda. They absolutely LOVE to play with Dad! If Daddy is snoozing on the couch, they will not hesitate to investigate. It isn't uncommon for Dad to get a finger in the mouth, a smack on the cheek, or a slobbery kiss waking him from his nap.
In the morning when I bring them downstairs they look for one person: Daddy. He usually has left for work already, and they spend a few minutes scanning the room before carrying on with the day. If he is home, then after breakfast comes Operation Get Daddy To Play With Us. I love to watch them interact with Jon. Their faces light up and they really connect with him. I know when they are older, David and JD will be wanting to wrestle, play catch, ride bikes, and countless other activities with Dad. It just warms my heart to witness how tight the three of them are!! The boys have the best Dad in the world, and he has some pretty great sons. And I get to sit back and enjoy it all :D