Friday, September 5, 2008

SO Proud...

For a long time now, the boys have been walking along furniture, using the couch for support. Well yesterday, for the first time EVER, JD held my hand and walked along side me!! It was so exciting to watch! With only my hand for support, his steps were choppy and zombie-like, but he walked with me the length of the room. Daddy was working and hence missed the show, but this morning before he left again we gave him an encore! I am so proud of my little guy. I am likewise proud of David, who gave it a fighting chance but was too nervous. He managed a few steps but decided to save the rest for after JD masters it (to make sure it's safe, I'm sure). David has been a step or two behind JD with every milestone except first teeth. It seems as though Dave waits to see if and how his brother manages, and then tries for himself. When JD started crawling David gave him the headstart for a day or two, then began crawling to keep up. We do our best to not compare the boys; we encourage and cheer, and let them do things at their own pace. What an amazing journey parenthood is! I am only nearly a year in to it, and I am constantly in wonder of all these two are and all they can do. I look forward to the next few weeks as we practice walking, knowing full well that once they learn to walk they will run, and I will never be able to catch them.

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