Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Simply Beautiful

Today was a perfect autumn day in my neck of the woods. The sky was a beautiful blue, light near the horizon and a much deeper, darker blue straight above. Not a cloud in the sky. The leaves were breathtaking shades of orange and red. Gorgeous shades everywhere, from the fields to the fallen leaves on side streets basking under a canopy of orange. It was the kind of day where I love to get behind the wheel, put a great CD in the stereo and just drive. Coasting over backroad hills I would drive with the windows down to feel that crisp air, singing at the top of my lungs. Next I would take my dog for a walk in the woods, the thrill of watching complete happiness in his eyes as he ran like the wind mixing with the magic of perfection in the scenery all around me, surrounding me in beauty and solace. Then I would take my dream a step further, and mount a magnificent horse which would take me for a canter through fields of rust and gold, feeling on top of the world. I might even scream out, as one does at the edge of some gargantuan canyon, calling for all to hear my happiness in this simply beautiful day. I would feel small; much like I do standing at the edge of the ocean, feeling the greatness and vastness of it; putting into perspective my space in eternity.
Oh how I love this season!!

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