Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quiet Moments

Ahhhh..the still, quiet moments. I hold these very close to my heart. This morning at 5 am, David awoke for some reason and I sat in our chair in the dark, holding him close. While I am not a fan of the predawn awakenings, I absolutely LOVE our quiet time in the chair, snuggled close. I held on tight, giving him kisses and rubbing his back, gently coaxing him back to sleep. This time David did go back to sleep, and I held him, rocking, for half an hour.
I don't know if I could pinpoint where my mind goes while I sit there; I think of housework that needs to be done, create a list of groceries we need, mentally prepare for the day. Often though, I think about my little boys, whichever one I have at that moment; I think about their eyelashes, their toes...whether or not they had a dream, if I have done the best job as I could do for them the previous day. I ponder them alot, down to every detail. I listen to their breathing, adjust to their stirrings, and give them a squeeze every now and then. It is a perfectly wonderful way to begin another hectic day. While I am tired and wishing I could've slept in, I truely enjoy this moment they give me. A moment to just slow down with them, soak them in, comfort them, and replenish my tank that so often runs on empty. I get strength from these moments to face all of the other trying ones. For that, thank you David for needing me this morning :)

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chantal said...

You sum it up so perfect!! And surpeisingly enough you'll still feel the same when they are 13! Even when they tell you to back off. Ah, motherhood is the best!