Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Love of Family

I am so excited!!!! Our family will be descending on us, starting tonight. Grandma Cindy, Jon's mom, will be arriving at the airport after 11. Then tomorrow Grandpa and Grandma Surry will get here as well as Grandpa and Grandma Haynes!!! With us living so far away from any family, we don't often get to see them. The long stretches in between visits can get very hard, especially with these two boys getting extremely active. It can be such a relief to have an extra pair of hands ~ Grandma hands, the best kind! ~ to help with everything. Not only is the help nice, the hugs and emotional support are much needed and much appreciated. On top of the help and hugs, it is simply WONDERFUL to see others love and dote over the babies!! Like watching the boys play with Daddy, I love to watch proud and affectionate Grandparents interact with my little guys. It's just good stuff that warms the soul!! I look forward to the family getting here and celebrating our boys' first birthday tomorrow. The reasons aren't totally selfish...I suppose. I may get to sleep in; okay that one is selfish. I won't have to change as many diapers...that one is completely selfish. I will enjoy adult conversation. Is that one selfish? C'mon, just once in a while I'd like the answer to my question be more than "Bababababaaaa DA!!! Dada babbababa Ahhahahhah!!!"
Yes, it will be wonderful to have family here. I look forward to the extra hands, extra laughs, extra hugs, extra stories. Extra love, who can get enough??? Not me. I love the love.

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SongbirdMama said...

Ah you lucky girl. Living far away sucks sometimes, doesn't it? Enjoy the time with your family.